Over 100 individuals and organizations contributed both financial and in-kind support and services to the reflections Project. Thanks to all of them from the Project Committee.

Project Donors [as of July 14, 2015]:

Stainless Steel Level
American Legion Post 342
C. Alfred and Maurine Patten
Evergreen Landscape
St Charles Arts Council
River Corridor Foundation of St. Charles
Cris and Tom Anderson
Northfield Block Company
Stephen and Polly Hunt

Pewter Level
Baker Memorial United Methodist Church
Robert A. Beebe
Beverly Hansberger
David Hunt and Doug Bella
Doris Hunt
Greg Hunt and Frank Sajtar
Jeffrey Hunt Family (Jeff, Cheri, Mary, Oliver, Ian, Cloe, Avery and Gavin)
Jennifer Hunt, Keith and Lee Kesner
Steve and Polly Hunt
Orv and Carolyn Jones
John and Joan O’Leary
Joe and Mary Alyce McCullough
Craig and Debra Belasco
William and Dorothy Podl
Peter and Sandie Vargulich
St. Charles Rotary Club

Iron Level
John and Carol Abel
M. Louise Anderson
Julie Beebe
Doug Boughton and Kerry Freedman
James O. Breen
Nancy and Dick Brems
Charles E. Brown
David and Lisa Brown
Doug and Diana Brown
Betty Jean and Dean Busching
D. E. Camic and S. T. Parga
Paul and Debbie Conterato
Wayne and Karen Copeland
Bill and Suzanne DeHaan
Jim and Marian Emmett
Doug and Barbara Felton
First State Bank
Jeff and Kristin Fischer
Michael W. Frank
Edie and John Glenn
Frank and Teresa Gonzales
Paula and David Hall
Andrew Hanses
Earl and Kay Harbaugh
Geoffrey and Sarah Hardwick
Michael and Nancy Hill
John and Heide Hughes
Mary Ann Janik
Don and Elaine Johnson
Virginia and Warren Kammerer
Dr. Denise Kissell
Mark and Marcia Koenen
Bob Krawczyk and Corinne Pierog
Jerry and Sharon Krusinski
Linda and John Kunzer
Mary Beth and Jim Kunzer
Jim and Kathy Lamkin
Gary and Jean Lederer
Joan E. Leonard
Phil and Maureen Lewis
Jennifer Leonard-Biddle
Tom and Robin Mahaffey
Larry and Sharon Maholland
Bob and Jodi Manthei
Bob and Mary Ellen McBride
MCC Technology
Bob and Sue McDowell
Marge Meanger
Rod and Donna Mebane
Craig and Darlene Morgan
John and Joan O’Leary
Larry and Louise Ost
Nancy and Kent Pearson
Joel and Tony Peck
Mike and Betsy Penny
Bill and Dorothy Podl
John and Jo Ann Poole
Gary and Karen Porter
Kelly Potts
Tim Rainey and Susan Van Duyne
Robin and Kathleen Renshaw
Ray Rogina and Diane Cullen
Doug and Cathie Ruth
P.E.O. Sisterhood
Allan and Jayne Scales
Fred and Sharon Schmidt
Kai and Julia Schulte
Jeff and Lynne Schwartz
John and Donna Stockman
John and Chris Stumpf
Bob and Dana Teichert
Mary Ann Tilton
Tri-City Family Services
Jeanne Turczak
Edwin and Carolyn Werneke
Don and Karen Wiltsey
Steven and Virginia Wright
Wayne and Kim Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Young

Additional Contributors
Ben and Kathryn Adams
Barbara Anderson
Bingham Family
Isie Brindley
Gloria Klimek
Stephen and Cheryl Ledbetter
Jean McCabe
Hennie Reynders

In-Kind Donations:
City of St. Charles
Sculpture/Guy J. Bellaver
Evergreen Landscape
Northfield Block Company
St Charles Arts Council
The St. Charles Group
Elizabeth C. O. Bellaver


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