Proclamation – Dedication of the Sculpture reflections and the Volunteer Plaza

Proclamation read into the record at the St. Charles City Council meeting of August 3, 2015 by Mayor Raymond P. Rogina.  Proclamation plaque presented to Dr. C. Alfred Patten who in turn presented it to Doris Hunt.

WHEREAS, the City of St. Charles is dedicating reflections, a Community Sculpture Project Honoring Volunteerism as exemplified by Max and Doris Hunt

WHEREAS, the goal of the reflections project is to foster and encourage volunteerism by honoring it, believing that volunteers are vitally important to the development and support of a strong community core, and the ability to get things done

WHEREAS, by providing a place that specifically honors volunteers, the city gives visibility to and honors those who are the engine of not for profit organizations, civic entities, and the wider community

WHEREAS, the benefits to this public art project are many – from the support for and expansion of our volunteer corps, to riverfront beautification and cultural tourism

WHEREAS, the project was begun when a group of St. Charles residents, led by Dr. Al Patten, decided to commission a sculpture to honor volunteerism, as exemplified by Max and Doris Hunt.  The Hunt family embraced the idea, but wanted a sculpture that would reflect the community, saying “for our parents, it was never about them.  It was always about the particular need, or project, being met.”

WHEREAS, the concept that was chosen from a series of designs is from sculptor Guy J. Bellaver’s Quarks series – sculptures about energy which are inspired by Fermilab – reflections is not about energy that comes from particle colliders, but instead comes from community volunteers.

WHEREAS, reflections is about volunteers who energize their community and its citizens to support the community in many different ways, the highly polished and reflective stainless steel sculpture speaks to the Hunt’s character as people who always encouraged those around them to contribute and participate – to see themselves with the community as their backdrop. The sculpture reflects the area around its location, as well as the people viewing it.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mayor Raymond P. Rogina, do hereby proclaim Sunday, August 16 at 3:00 p.m. as the dedication date for the sculpture reflections and for the Volunteer Plaza. I thank all of the hundreds of volunteers working for dozens of organizations in our city. I encourage all of our volunteers to attend this dedication so that we may thank you publicly for all that you do. And I invite all of our citizens to show their appreciation for these volunteers who contribute so much to our beautiful city, and to enjoy seeing themselves in this wonderful and meaningful piece of public art that reflects our city and makes it what it is – the Pride of the Fox.