Fabricating reflections

reflections was fabricated at Tany Foundry.

Step 1 – turning the maquette into a 3D model
2  4   5
Step 2 – Stainless steel pieces are cut using a styrofoam form – reflections is a fabricating challenge because of the complex curves
ss pieces styrofoam1 styrofoam2 styrofoam3
Step 3 – Welding the pieces together
C360_2015-02-06-12-48-43-438 C360_2015-02-06-12-48-06-258 C360_2015-02-12-16-50-55-251
Step 4 – Polishing reflections to a mirror finish
IMG_3113  reflections  C360_2015-03-24-11-35-38-130

The Limited Edition of the reflections maquette was also fabricated at Tany.
LE1   LE3

Shipping the sculpture.
mmexport1428406738767  mmexport1428406739643  DSCF1601
Fabricating the crate’s steel superstructure. Adding wood sides.  The crate arrives in St. Charles.