ART at HOME Fundraiser – June, 2014

As one would hope with a community-wide fundraising effort, the reflections Project includes donations big and small, cash and in-kind from over 100 individuals and organizations, and a lot of work from people such as the tireless Al Patten.  It also includes special events such as the St Charles Arts Council’s ART at HOME, hosted by David Hunt and Doug Bella, owners of the iconic Town House Books and Café in downtown St. Charles.
Al.Maurine  Doris.David  Doug and Cris  untitled-(73-of-182)  Guy and Sharon   back yard deck.   Ray.Maurine   back yard deck        Tom.Jodi   front hall   Bob   crowd  feast  frost  Doris.Al                        light sculpture     G.S. and maquette     Scott Stevenson   
Featured Artists at the event: Scott Stevenson – Piano, Guy J. Bellaver – Sculptor, Carly Faye Smith and Christopher Potter – Designers of Light Sculpture



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