The reflections Public Art Project


reflections is included in two wonderful public art programs being introduced in St. Charles.  The first – the Gratitude Project – was begun by Al Patten, who was the Project Manager for reflections.  Visit the Project’s web site to learn more about the project, the current sculpture (The Key) honoring Sharon and Vern Oie (fundraising is going on right now!), and Al’s vision for Public Art From the Community | To the Community…in Gratitude.

The second – Art in Public Places | St. Charles, Illinois – will be introduced in the next few months.  It includes an Art Tour of Public Art all over St. Charles, and reflections is one of the pieces on the tour.  (Download the Otocast app to hear recordings about each of the pieces on the tour, see images, and get information.) More about that project when the web site is up.

Information, Images and Stories.  Web Site and Art Tour.

Click on the link below for some of the hundreds of images taken of the sculpture since its dedication.  Thanks to photographers Karen Muehlfelt, Ken Voltz, Rick Brems, Randy Benzie, and the artist for these images.  Thanks to Shane Stewart for the header image.
Images of reflections

Enjoy a video of reflections that is on the web site of the City of St. Charles.  [Video is courtesy of Chuck Parr]

The goal of the reflections project was to foster and encourage volunteerism by honoring it, which would, in turn, encourage community engagement and strengthen the entire community.  Volunteers are vitally important to the development and support of a strong community core, and the ability to get things done.

Al Patten, Project Manager explained, “This project began as a way to honor Max and Doris Hunt – longtime residents and tireless supporters and contributors to our community. We chose to bestow that honor with public art – a sculpture designed by Guy Bellaver to meet the Hunt family’s vision of a piece that wasn’t a statue of their parents, but rather a work of art that captured their spirit. Over time our committee realized that Max and Doris were, in essence, exemplars of volunteerism – the engine that drives the best of communities. And the result of many discussions about this commemorative idea with the River Corridor Foundation, the Arts Council, and the City, is Volunteer Plaza.”

Thanks to the Hunt Family, Dr. C. Alfred Patten, the City of St. Charles, and the St. Charles Community for making this project a reality.

Volunteer Plaza
is sited in Volunteer Plaza, north of the Municipal Building, on the east bank of the Fox River in the St. Charles Municipal Campus.


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